This 14-year old followed these 4 things and is now a beast!

             (Crazy 1 year transformation)

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If I told you this is an all “natty” 14-year old bodybuilder you'd think I'm lying…  but I’m not.

We asked him how he managed to get so big and shredded at such a young age and his response was simply: I’ve looked like this since I was 13…

Off course he also told us what diets and workout program he follows. So he has been lifting weights for over a year and doing calisthenics about half a year by now. And obviously he must be doing something special since how big he has gotten in such a short amount of time.

This is exactly what he told us (written by the beast himself)

What diet I use for shredding:
We all know getting shredded while still being muscular can be quite a hard thing to pull of. Yes, that’s accurate even for spoiled 14-year olds with “marvelous” genetics… Anyways the shredding diet I’m follow right now is “the 3 week diet”, it’s a great diet for losing fat. I’ve read lots of great reviews about It and it seems I’m not the only one having good results using it. It’s “quite” expensive tho, the current price is at 47 dollars but it’s a good deal I guess since it is on a 50% discount… Something to keep in mind for those of us who don’t get diets as birthday presents. But in all seriousness this is a great diet! I believe I lost around 15 pounds of fat in just the 3 weeks I was following it. Which are crazy results, so here are the before and after pictures.

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The 3 week diet
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The 3 week diet

                 (3 weeks between pictures)

The workout program I’m following:
I mostly do a “bodybuilding” type of resistance training but sometimes I do calisthenics since it’s always good to be more agile.

The exact workout program I’m following right now is “muscle gaining secrets 2.0”, (quite a cheeky name I know) since I don’t want to get sued all I can say is that it’s a workout program made for people struggling with gaining muscle, and that it really works! I obviously can’t follow it completely because I have school. I usually skip about 1 workout every week since I have to study. So I guess it doesn’t affect my “gains” that much. Especially now when some scientists claim that you should have 2-3 rest days per week. Depending on your genetics off course, as you might have guessed I’m “quite” lucky when it comes to that… Or at least I think I am, maybe the only luck I had was that I hit puberty very early at age 12. I obviously don’t have awful genetics but I consider myself having average genetics since a little more than 1 year ago I was really skinny, like skinniest guy in class type of skinny. But things change I guess. Anyways this is a great workout program and I really suggest you at least try it out for a couple of months. The current price is 27 dollars, it’s not really cheap but for what you’re getting it’s a good price in my opinion. Here's a picture from the "skinny days".

Click here if you want to try:
Muscle gaining secrets 2.0
Click here if you want to try:
Muscle gaining secrets 2.0
The diet I use for bulking:​​​​​
I don’t really use any diet for bulking since you don’t have to. All you need to do is eat a lot of protein and carbs. I usually just take recipes from the “anabolic cooking” cookbook, for the reason of that it has a lot of healthy recipes, some of which are great for bulking. They also have a lot of “cheap” and healthy recipes, which are great for mom’s bank account. Since you don’t want to ruin her economy just because of biceps… This cookbook is really good for bodybuilders in my opinion, because it only costs about 10 dollars. You’ll probably save more than that if you follow their “cheap” recipes list next time you’re grocery shopping.

​Click here if you want to try: Anabolic cooking cookbook
​Click here if you want to try: Anabolic cooking cookbook

The program I use for calisthenics:
As I said before I usually don’t train a lot of calisthenics since I have an entirely different training program to follow, so I try to be as efficient as possible when it comes to calisthenics. Meaning less rest between sets and longer workouts. The program I follow for that is “Calisthenics academy”. It’s a great workout program but keep in mind I only use it about 1-2 days per week. It works quite good when it comes to getting more “agile”. I have definitely noticed some results since I started using it about half a year ago, and I only use it a fraction of how much you’re suppose to. The current price is 27 dollars, which is a good price in my opinion since all the exercises listed are body-weight, meaning you don’t have to pay for a gym membership since you can just do everything at home or at your local park.

​Click here if you want to try: Calisthenics academy
​Click here if you want to try: Calisthenics academy
Thank you for reading!
These were all the things I’m personally following. I don’t take any supplements since there are very few studies on how supplements affects people under the age of 18, and also because of that my mom just simply doesn’t allow me to. The results are very small anyways so it’s not worth it in my opinion. Anyways if you noticed any grammar related issues it’s probably because of that I’m actually Swedish and English is my second language.  A lot of work and coffee has gone into making this, so thank you for reading this article about myself!
                                                                                                                                                                                                      //Hannes T