Review of Anabolic cooking

So... I might be a little late for this review since it has been out for years now but anyways, it’s a cookbook for bodybuilders or people who want healthy and “tasty” recipes. It has been voted most trusted bodybuilding cookbook since 2010 and has also been one of the best selling cookbooks for a long time now. So what is so special about it?

It contains over 200 “tasty” recipes… like protein rich vanilla-blueberry muffins, high protein banana bread, etc. Most people don’t know that nutrition is just as important for gaining muscle as exercising, some scientists say that up to 75% of the results come from what you are eating (whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight). If your macronutrients are not perfect, even the hardest workouts are for nothing.

This cookbook is more than just a cookbook, it teaches you how to manage your cheat meals, how to save money when buying food, how to meal prep… etc.

It’s made up of 7 parts:

The first part is where you find the 200 recipes, these recipes are designed to promote fat loss and building muscle while still being "full of flavour".

   2. The second part is where you find how nutrition affects how you gain muscle or lose fat (the science of nutrition). This will teach you all you need to know about nutrition and health.

   3. The third part is where you learn how to prepare your meals for a whole week, which means you only have to cook once every week.

   4. This is where you find nutrition “secrets” to gaining muscle or losing weight faster, like how to make your own post and pre-workout and how they will boost your workouts.

  5. Is where you learn how to make meals full of flavour that fits your macronutrients while still being on a budget. This is a really good feature considering I have saved loads of money using this “system”.

  6. Is where you find what you will need to build the perfect kitchen, on a budget of course.

  7. This is where you learn how to manage your cheat meals. Example: if you have a cheat meal once a week it will tell you to eat less calories the days you’re not “cheating”.

So is it a "good" cookbook?
Yes, this is a really good cookbook. The best I’ve ever had. It has a lot of good features that most other cookbooks do not have. Like the part where it teaches you how to save money and the part where you learn everything you need to know about nutrition. And all that for a fraction of the cost compared to the other ones. It costs only 9 dollars right now. I really recommend you buy it. Also it is a pretty good investment since I can almost promise that you will save more than just 9 dollars when you are buying food if you are using their system correctly.

And also if you’re wondering why this review doesn’t cover any “bad” things, it’s because I literally could not find any “bad” things about this cookbook. It does its job being a bodybuilders cookbook perfectly!

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